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The menopause is the time in every woman's life when she ceases having menstruations and loses her fertility (ability to become a mother). The average age for the menopause in the UK is 52, while in the USA it is 51 (National Institute of Aging). About 20% of women face this period before they are 41. The menopause is considered to be a normal process in the life of every woman. Its symptoms may begin many years before the last period occurs. The peri-menopause is the period 3 to 5 years before the last menstruation, when estrogen levels start to decrease.

The main symptom of menopause is irregularity of periods (look http://chillipear.com/optimind-reviews.html). Some women may have menstruations too frequently, while others do not have them for many months. Most women experience problems with learning and focusing in this period. Lower fertility is a significant symptom of peri-menopausal stage due to the lower estrogen levels. Vaginal dryness often bothers, especially when it is accompanied by discomfort and/or itching. Hot flashes are characterized by a sudden feeling of heat in the face, chest, neck and other parts of the body. A woman starts to sweat; her heart rate increases (tachycardia) and gets stronger or irregular. Usually a woman suffers from hot flashes during the first year after the last period.

In addition to hot flashes a woman starts suffering from night sweats as well. These usually last several minutes. Because of night sweats females may experience sleep problems. Insomnia, anxiety and urinary problems may contribute to sleep issues. During menopause stage a woman is subjected to urinary tract infections. Moodiness is often associated with poor sleep. As a result, women may experience problems with concentration and learning. Some of them may even have memory problems.

Fortunately, there are many diverse remedies specially formulated to help fight menopause issues. One of them is FA Plus that contains an appropriate blend of minerals and vitamins which do not only help to cope with symptoms of this difficult period but also to support the sexual sphere of a woman's life. This supplement helps to increase female libido and sexual satisfaction. It improves female desire and lubrication, as a result, a woman feels better overall satisfaction. A lot of women took part in the recent clinical study and claim to experience bigger sexual satisfaction due to the use of FA Plus. You can forget about chronic fatigue, decreased libido, and mood swings.

FA Plus is manufactured by a reputable American company that also offers a number of other products of the kind. The supplement is claimed to boost sex drive and desire, as well as to relieve menopause symptoms. In this period of life it is quite difficult to achieve sexual bliss but due to the plant compound in FA Plus called Tribulus it is possible. It is able to boost libido in a natural and safe way.

The supplement increases sexual satisfaction in women. You can have orgasms again. The product is also highly beneficial for your sex drive and relieving of menopause symptoms due to its unique formula that works to reduce hot flashes, depleted libido, mood swings and other unpleasant issues. FA Plus is also known for its anti-aging benefits. It contains mineral Selenium that possesses strong antioxidant properties. It improves skin elasticity, restores damaged cells, and even prevents cancers.

So, as you can see, two key ingredients in the product are Tribulus terrestris and Selenium. Tribulus terrestris is a plant with flowers that has been used in herbal medicine known for many years already, mainly due to its aphrodisiac properties. It boosts sex drive and increases libido in women. This component can stimulate androgen receptors in the brain, activate hormones and improve sexual desire. Tribulus also enriches cells with oxygen removing mood swings, lowering anxiety and stress.

Selenium is a natural trace mineral that has been proven to help with menopause symptoms. It is a powerful antioxidant which in addition can combat such diseases like heart attack, high cholesterol levels, and stroke. Selenium effectively cleanses blood, helps to raise the level of "good" HDL cholesterol and at the same time to lower the "bad" LDL cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of having heart attack and stroke due to its ability to decrease blood "stickiness" and blood clots. Selenium minimizes night sweats, hot flashes, and other menopause symptoms. This ingredient also protects skin from sun damage and delays its aging. It defends body cells, boosts the immune system, and even helps to prevent cancer.

Due to the fact that the supplement contains only two active ingredients both of which are completely safe you may be sure that FA Plus will not cause any side effects or adverse reactions. On the contrary, you are expected to experience positive changes in your organism and emotional state. You will not only forget about terrible symptoms of menopause but also start enjoying your sexual life again. The product intensifies orgasms, moisturizes female vagina and makes sex more enjoyable. The product has been approved by the FDA.

You can find positive feedback from the customers of FA Plus online. Their dedicated clients have a lot to say about the product's wonderful work and benefits. Now it is high time to have a look at some of them.

If you are a woman and you do not have problems connected with menopause yet you should be aware that 90% of women suffer from certain menopause symptoms. If you do not want to belong to this list, try FA Plus. It will provide you body with all the necessary nutrients to avoid negative effects of this process.

FA Plus is a natural supplement for women that works where it is necessary without doing harm to other parts of your body. With this product you are going to reach maximal sexual satisfaction which often suffers during the menopause. It can influence a woman's libido and sexual drive. FA Plus will normalize your hormones and emotions and return your appetite for sex.

It is recommended to take one pill of FA Plus every day to relieve menopause symptoms. The pills should be taken on a full stomach with a full glass of water. Most women experience positive effects after the first week of using the supplement.

FA Plus offers a lot of advantages. First of all, it consists of natural and safe ingredients; it does not cause side effects. It is beneficial for your sexual sphere. You can use this supplement for a long period of time without any harm to your organism. The product is not very expensive. One bottle contains 30 capsules - one-month supply. I believe that FA Plus is the best solution for your menopause issues. The effect will be marvelous.

If you have decided to buy FA Plus go to its official website and make an order. Avoid purchasing the supplement from other retail websites, of you may get a fake. The product isn't available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC.